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Giving your pet love, hugs and an obscene amount of petting is not enough! You've got to learn a whole lot about your pet's biology to understand them even more. Here are a few things about your pet that you should know about;


Smelly breath!


Since dogs are fairly chewy and gnaw-ey creatures, they are severely prone to gum and dental diseases. A smelly breath is an initial sign of various dental problems. Apart from brushing your pet's teeth regularly, you should also opt for chew toys that can clean and strengthen your pet's teeth. 


Keep 'em clean


Cleaning your pet's food and water bowl is a task that should be done daily so we suggest going for pet bowls that are fairly easy to wash and scrub clean likestainless steelorsmooth plastic


They like it dirty


A veterinarian states that "When a dog eats their poop, it's not because of a lack of nutrition in their diet. Dogs are just gross and like the taste of other dogs' stools," so don't sweat too much if your fur baby munches on its stool! They might be incredibly adorable but they can be gross too! Nobody's perfect!


My mind needs long walks too!


For dogs, mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise. So better go fordog toysthat can challenge your pet's mind or engage in challenging games with you and your pet, that way, you'll have a productive and happy bonding moment!


This is how we do it


Dogs have been domesticated by humans for hundreds of years through careful teaching and training, this is why they are accustomed to routines. If you want to establish a certain rule or habit for your pet to have, then you better do it by routine. 

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