October 03, 2021 2 min read

Sometimes, taking the time to drive to the groomer can be both a luxury and a chore, a crucial one not to mention because basic grooming is very vital in maintaining your little fur ball's health. Apart from your dog's neat and sleek appearance, grooming can also help your pet look and feel its best. 

Good grooming is essential for dogs, like how it is for us humans, but your pet does not necessarily need to be maintained on a daily basis so instead of taking the time to go to the groomers, why not set aside that time to bond with your pet and groom your dog yourself! Here's what you'll need to do:


Since dogs don't bathe frequently, make sure to really scrub off all the dirt and oil build-up on your dog's coat, you can lather mild shampoo using your hands but for a more efficient cleaning opt for a dog body scrubber with strategically designed semi-hard bristles to eliminate the mess on your pet's body.


Unlike bathing, brushing can be a part of your dog's daily grooming must-do. It can also be an intimate moment between you and your fur buddy as you take spare time every day with a brush/de-shedding glove  to untangle and maintain their maine glossy and healthy. Brushing can stimulate blood circulation and loosen and remove flakes of dandruff to avoid accumulation.

Nail Trimming 

Your dog's nails should be maintained frequently. Do not let your pet's nails grow too long as it can interfere with the dog’s gait, making walking awkward or painful. Make sure to trim just below your dog's quick which is the blood vessel inside the nails. Many dogs dislike having their nails trimmed so better opt for anail trimmer that is noise-free, efficient, and leaves your dog stress-free.

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