October 14, 2021 2 min read

 A bowl is a bowl no matter what materials it is composed of or whatever funky or conventional shape it is. Most dog owners think this way and opt for the most affordable dog bowl available in the market without knowing how extremely vital it is to know first which dog bowl suits their pets the best.

In order to choose which one suits your pet out of the many pet bowls variations out there, here are a few basic bowl types you should know about:

Classic stainless bowls - Stainless dog bowls are one of the most durable, safe, and convenient dog bowls there are. Its smooth and sleek finish is very easy to clean out and stainless steel is a well-used material for its durability. This type of bowl is the most practical one to opt for especially when you want to go for something long-lasting. However, if you keep your dog's feeding spot outdoors, stainless steel might not be very ideal for you as it can accumulate rust and wear out when exposed to rain. You can also consider going for a different type of feeder if your dog likes to gnaw and bite on bowls as the durability of stainless steel might break your dog's teeth.

Elevated dog bowls - Plenty of studies suggest thatelevated feeders are healthier for dogs, possibly preventing gastrointestinal problems. This type of bowl may be more comfortable for some dogs, especially giant dog breeds so if you have an adorably giant fur buddy,elevated dog bowlsare the perfect bowls to go for.

Automatic feeder - This type of dog bowl is ideal for fur parents with a busy and active life,programmable ones bowls are very trusty and it can also teach your dog the concept of eating on your assigned time with how you program the feeder.

Portable dog bowls - For dog parents who love bringing their furry ones on the go, compact dog bowls are very essential. For long walks with your pet, you can also get an all-in-onewater and food travel bowl for a convenient and smooth-flowing outdoor adventure with your furry buddy. 

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