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Dog toys never go out of style, some dogs love soft toys while others prefer hard, indestructible dog toys, some love to gnaw on our favorite pair of shoes (dogs just somehow know which ones they are), and some love to sniff around the yard all day. It really depends on our dog’s varying personalities but there is one major thing all these adorable furballs have in common; they all love to play!


This is why dog parents must provide toys for their pets (unless you want another pair of your cool sneakers to be a part of the gnawed-out pile) and one perk owners gain when they provide toys for their doggies is to see those lovely furry tails wag like crazy out of happiness and gratitude towards you. To help you out on this fun and exciting task, here are some dog toys your doggie will absolutely love.


Here are a few dog toys your doggie will absolutely love!


Interactive toys - Interactive toys are dogs' most favorite choice, including textured  rubber balls,tug toys, and more. Interactive dog toys will not only keep your fur buddy happy but can also dramatically decrease your dog's anxiety and boredom with the physical and mental stimulation these toys provide


Squeaky toys -Squeaky ball toys are ideal for toning down your dog's initial instinct to bite down hard because the slight bite your dogs make on a squeaky toy can immediately create a sound that triggers their gratifying auditory reward and when your dog bites down on other things after then it'll instinctively bit down lightly. Plus, the sound is truly adorable.


Sniff mats -   sniff mats are commonly used as a calming exercise for your dog rather than a vigorous and playful activity, thus they can help them relax and lower their stress levels. If they are anxious or have a stressful event, by putting a few treats in it your dog can have a nice and deserved reward that can make your pet very happy.


Toys do not only preoccupy your pet but they can even do as much as alleviating stress and aggressive behavior. They are absolute essentials in providing mental and physical stimulation to keep your furry buddy healthy and happy!

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