March 09, 2022 2 min read


Now that you're done walking your dog around your favorite park or spot, it is time to return home and get your fur baby cozy and rested after a long fun walks to the park with his hooman! Here's a few dog walk aftercare must-know for every fur parent; 


Treat them right!


After an exhausting walk, your pet is most likely hungry or thirsty. While it is very ideal to bring water to hydrate your pet on the go. It is also right to give them water right after your mini-adventure. Apart from that, preparing an 'after walk' ready when you and your pet gets home can give your dog a more positive link to taking walks. It can help increase their serotonin level and associate your usual walks with something happy and exciting. 


Clean their paws!


Since we live in the time of the pandemic just barely at bay, it's better to be safe than sorry! Even before the pandemic, you should clean your pet's paws after walks just for precaution, and this after-walk habit is more important now more than ever. You can wipe your pet's paws to clean it off from germs, dirt, and other unwanted soot so your pet is good to strut around inside your home. 


Rest time

 As much fun and excitement walking brings to your pet, we cannot deny how exhausting it can be! Make sure that there is a designated space for your pet to get cozy in like a handycooling mat or a fluffy pet bed.



The fun doesn't end when your walk with your pet ends! Making a habit out of this will surely keep your pet's spirits up so make sure to regularly walk your furry little one to keep him happy!

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