November 26, 2021 2 min read


Keep it constant

When it comes to building habits for your fur buddy, consistency is key. If you start your walks by staying at your pet's right side with its retractable dog leash guided dominantly by your left hand then you better stay as is up until the end of your walk session. This way your pet will establish a pattern and be aware of where its place is so there'd be minimal room for going rogue when they are overstimulated by busy surroundings or surprising elements that you and your pet can encounter along the way.


Be a responsible pet owner


The main purpose of taking our fur babies for walks apart from how beneficial it is for their physical health is how it relieves stress for them as well. Apart from stress, there are various things your pet is relieved from when taking walks, and with them freely doing their number on the streets can be quite messy and nasty when not handled properly so better be a responsible pet parent and clean after your pet. Make sure to bring a handy plastic bag you can easily pull out when needed and dispose of your dog's number in the proper place.


When it comes to number one, all you have to do is find a sandy or grassy curb where people do not spend time that much, it can be a dark space in the park or a shady corner on the streets.


Who's the good boy?


When your dog is well behaved throughout your walks, do not forget to reward your good boy with his favorite treats. You can easily bring their faves on the go with a handytreat bag. Make sure to also keep your pet from feeling parched after a long walk on a hot day and bring along a handywaterbottle for hydrating on the go.  

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