December 02, 2021 2 min read

Whether you just got a new fur baby or you've been a pet parent for a while, there are a handful of tips you should be aware of in order to take care of your beloved pets more efficiently. Caring for your pet is a wee bit similar to caring for little young ones but worry not! Here is a list of dog health tips that might be very helpful in keeping your pet comfy and cozy for the chilly season.

Paws up!

Ever had chapped lips when the weather gets unbelievably cold? As it turns out, our pets experience the same thing, but instead of chapped lips, they get cracked paws! And cracked paws can sometimes be quite uncomfortable, it even maximizes the chance for your pet to contract various diseases as the bacteria can easily slide in one of the cracks of your pet's paws so better avoid that from happening by moisturizing all four paws with pet pad moisturizer or any mild moisturizer you've got around the house.

Cancel walks

Although your habit of going out with your dog for walks every afternoon is a fun and beneficial activity for you and your pet when the chilly season comes, you might consider limiting their time outside, despite your pet's thick protective fur, sometimes even that is not enough to keep them toasty and comfy during the winter. But if you do consider taking your dog out for a walk, make sure to be aware of ice and winter salt as it can cause burns and cracks for your pet's paws and you can also opt for protective boots for surefire safety.

Wrap it up!

Consider getting your pet a thick and comfortable winter sweater or jacket as the chilly season approaches. Despite your pet's thick mane, sometimes, it just won't suffice to keep them snug and toasty for the winter. We advise giving them a thick warm vest orjacket when going out and a light sweaterwhen indoors.

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