January 17, 2022 2 min read

With the new year just less than three weeks in, you're working on things to improve on and you decide to be a better pet parent for your fur buddy. We've got you covered on that! Keep reading and start being the best fur mom for your pet today!

Dog proof your house 

If you're a new pet parent expecting a puppy on the way, before your fur baby arrives at its new home, make sure to dog proof your house. There are various steps you can take in doing this but the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep toxic and harmful things out of reach from your teething little canine.

Select a veterinarian

If your pet has no personal vet yet then you better start searching for vet clinics near you and take them as early as 12 weeks where they can get all the necessary booster shots and other vaccines to protect them in the long run. Having one veterinary doctor also keeps track of your pet's medical record so better opt for one doctor that can know your fur baby the best.

House strain

House training includes setting house rules for your pet. Whether that be an "off the couch" type of rule or a simple food discipline routine, establishing house rules by training your dog makes it easier to live with them harmoniously. 

Keep them healthy

Being a responsible pet owner includes keeping your dog's vaccines up-to-date. Apart from that, you should also keep them physically healthy through exercise. Walking them regularly does not only make them happy, it also keeps them physically fit! Just make sure to keep themcollared when outdoors!

Part of keeping your pooch healthy is to groom them, no need to break the bank in taking them to the groomers when you can groom your pet right at home. With the right tools, you definitely can! A trustygrooming setis a great tool set in grooming your pet but a simpledog hair brush andnail clippersgoes a long way in keeping your pet's hygiene maintained!

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