November 04, 2021 2 min read

Properly Trim Your Dog's Nails


Trimming your dog's nails is a very essential part of their grooming. Trimmed nails often equate to healthiness and good hygiene to dogs making it very vital. While you can opt for professionals to do your dog's nail trimming for you, you can always go for a bang for your buck, save a whole lot of money from the groomers and trim your fur buddy's nails yourself. Although it is slightly different from how humans trim their nails, it is still a fairly easy procedure that you can learn eventually.


Pro tip: You can give your pet distractions for you to successfully perform this task smoothly, a good ol' peanut butter trick never fails to get you through any dog-related task, smear peanut butter on your tiled walls, a special mat or you can opt for special toys solely made to keep your pet busy.


Get your dog comfy 


A nail clipperor grinder is a new element your dog will be exposed to and first impressions always last. For your pet to associate a good memory with whatever nail trimmer you will use, allow them to sniff the clipper and then proceed on giving them tasty treats again and again until they are no longer 'threatened' and 'alerted' of the item.

 Trim it!

 Grip your pet's paws fairly firmly and make sure to snip out only the edge of their nails with an efficient and trusty nail trimmer, avoiding each of its nails quick (the pink curved area of the nail that contains the blood vessels) Even a slight nick can be very painful for your buddy and it even bleeds out.

 Grind it!


Like how you would do it with a nail trimmer, only this time you're using a fairly more advanced gadget that shaves out the nail instead of clipping them. If your dog has long fur, make sure to get it out of the way so it won't be caught by the grinder

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