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There's no greater joy than bringing an adorable new puppy home! We know just how exciting it can be to have a new four-legged fur ball jumping about your house and bringing joy with its overloaded cuteness! But with great puppy joy comes with an even greater responsibility so as a new dog parent, you best be ready for a whole new adventure with your furry buddy! here are a few essentials every new dog-owner should have;

Comfortable collar

When shopping for a collar, make sure to select the one that best fits your dog according to its size, with a quick-release closure clasp for safety and a D-ring to hook the leash in for your pet's daily walk.

Personal space

Apart from taking a chunk of your time, dogs also take up a chunk of space around your home. Better give your pet a designated space they can claim as their own and get them a comfortable pet space. Plenty of small breed dogs prefer anenclosed place to slumber in and for large breed dogs, you can opt forpet mats and openpet beds.

Food storage container

Better go for an airtight container to store all your dog's food in, otherwise, mice, bugs, and other unwelcome critters may break into your supply. To avoid this you can opt for large capacity dog food containers designed to pour out contents.

Dog bowls

Your new pet needs to have its own food and water bowls and stainless steel is always a great option. Apart from its easy-to-clean and smooth surface, stainless steel dog bowls are also very sturdy and can last for a very long time. Make sure to go for bowls with an elevated design. Having their food elevated puts less strain on their neck.

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