Automatic dog nail trimmer

This dog nail trimmer has 3 rotation speed settings, powerful enough to support nail grinding of any hardness. And the 3 ports match small, medium, or large pet nails size. You can do home nail grooming like a professional via the appropriate port and speed

Ultra-quiet noise, you can get nails done easier.

Automatic dog nail trimmer

Automatic dog nail trimmer functions

With this Electric Dog Nail Grinder, you will not be troubled by these problems:
like Scratch Family, Claw Furniture, Cut Nails To Bleed.

It has 3 Ports Fit For All Kinds Of Pets (For Small Pets / For Medium Pets / For Large Pets)
Please choose the suitable port and power based on your pet's size and nail hardness for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.

It has Upgrade Powerful Motor
Upgrade motor with a high-quality brass shaft that has high power, ultra-quiet noise, and long service life.

Ultra-Quiet Noise (Low-speed gear ≤ 40dB / High-speed gear ≤ 50dB)

Automatic dog nail trimmer motor
Diamond Bit Grinder
Adopt an advanced diamond bit grinder, strong and wear-resistant
Automatic dog nail trimmer grinder

Ultra-quiet Noise:
Low-speed gear ≤ 40db, High-speed gear ≤ 50db
It won't frighten your pet, and you can get nails done easier.

Available for USB Quick Charge & Convenient:
The grinder kit includes a USB cable. It is easy to charge with
your phone adapter/power bank/laptop / in the car, etc.

Automatic dog nail trimmer USB




Automatic dog nail trimmer look

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