car steering wheel cover

 car steering wheel cover 



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All product pictures are taken in kind, and occasionally there is color difference between the computer and the light, which is a normal phenomenon. However, we will try our best to show the real products. We hope you can understand and contact the store owner if you have any questions. We will try our best to give you a satisfactory reply. I would like to thank you for your encouragement and persistence~“

Delivery issues

After being photographed and paid in our store, they will be made and delivered in order

On quantity

1: pro, the quantity of each product is different, and the order is based on the minimum quantity set for each model.

2: requirements for becoming: apply to become our supplier after the first batch of purchase is over 300 yuan or deposit of 300 yuan is paid. The deposit can be used to cover the payment for goods after receiving the goods, until the payment is completed. After that, we can use the pictures of our products to our customers.

& nbsp; for the express delivery of Yunda express, there is no remark on random delivery. If you need to go through logistics, please tell customer service in advance so as not to send express delivery. The general freight will not be paid in our store. Thank you for your advice on sending logistics. Direct direct direct line is the fastest. If you are familiar with logistics, you can also give us the specific logistics name. Thank you“

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