Yoga Bulldog Dog Figurine

Show your goofy and artistic side all in one and get your hands on this yoga Bulldog Statue today!

  • Crafted with a high-quality and durable resin.
  • inspired for dog lovers by a puppy made of balloons, the Nordic modern style design, simple and smooth lines, bright colors, can be used in the living room.!
  • Can be used as a simple decorative item for countertops and tabletops and can also be used as an artistic paperweight.  
  • Perfect Gift for Mother, Father, Girlfriend, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Teen-girl, Colleague, or any Special Person you can think of. Affordable Surprise for Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, 
  • Place one in an area with plenty of sunlight and watch your space come alive. Grab a couple or a few and set them in front of a choice backdrop or painting and stand back to watch your space burst into a dazzling display worthy of your efforts.


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