Dog Clicker Whistle 2 In 1 Dust Cover Training Pet Dog Recall For Bark Control Behavior Correction Outdoor Indoor

  • Dog Clicker for Training:Through click training, the dog can understand which action can be rewarded, increase the interaction between the dog and the owner, and master a new action faster.  

  • Dog Training Recall:This dog clicker can be used outdoors or when camping, and can be heard within at least 400 meters. When the dog is out of sight, train the dog to come back immediately after hearing the clicker, saving management energy.  

  • 2 in 1 Dog Training Set: This Benepaw Dog Training Clicker combines the two functions of a dog clicker and dog clicker into one, reducing the burden of dog training and making it more convenient.  

  • Dog Clicker with Dust Cover:This clicker training has a dust-proof design with a dust cover at the clicker to reduce unnecessary contact, making it more secure, and comes with a strap for easy portability.  

  • Various Applications:This Dog Training Clicker and clicker is suitable for many occasions, outdoors, indoors, to teach dog actions, prevent dogs from barking, correctly guide dogs to make correct behaviors, increase the relationship between people and dogs, and reduce bad dogs Behavior. 

Measurement In CM
Length Width
ONE SIZE 10 3.9
Measurement In Inch
Length Width
ONE SIZE 3.9 1.5


The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.

Marks Good Behavior - Unique sound signature helps dogs remember good behavior

Loud Whistle Sound - Dog will hear the sound for the first time and come back to you

Training Clicker / Dust Cover / Elastic Straps / Whistle Call Back

The sound of the whistle is7-110”dB. / Whistle for Call Back

Training Clicker for All Dogs Click when your love completes the desired behavior

Dog Training Clicker For pet outdoor training

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