Bone Shape Dog Leash Holder

You may be surprised at how easy it is to find and keep your Dog Leash in order!

The Bone Shape Dog Leash Holder is the perfect addition to your entryway, hallway, or foyers to make your appearance are very charming and make them look like you're a Extensions are needed. The key hooks for the wall are large enough to build on the wall in the entrance, 

The rustic design key holder has an easy assembly that will add a touch of style to your storage and is designed with an easy-to-use keyhole. With an up-to-date release system and an easy-to-use keyhole, this caddy will make your life easier when leashing your dog. Our Bone Shape Dog Leash Holder is a Cute and attractive design made of high-quality material that will make your dog feel special. It comes with a great gift for pet lovers and is perfect for holding leashes, keys, hats, umbrellas, wallets, accessories, and more.

  • Unique cute design 
  • Perfect size to build on the wall 
  • Easy to assemble wall shelf with easy instruction.
  • Ideal for holding, keys, leashes, hats, umbrellas,  and more.

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