Well Absorbent Hooded Dog Towel

As pet owners, not all of us have the luxury of bringing our pets to the groomer for a haircut or even for a good bath. For most of us, we bathe our pets ourselves. However, giving our pets a bath can be messy thus, you need the right dog bath towel with hood to keep them dry afterwards!

Dog taking shower

Dog & Cat taking bath

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Super Absorbent -  Our pet's coat can be difficult to dry at times however, this hooded dog towel is made of superior quality 400G Microfibers that absorbs more water than the usual towel giving you more time to take care or play with them after a good bath, shower, or a walk on rainy days. 

Bulldog in hooded bath towel

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Adjustable Strap & Belt Design -This fast-drying towel has a convenient adjustable strap and belt design around the waist which makes it easy for you to put on and take off from your pets. It can also be used on cold days as their protective coat keeping them warm and comfortable.

Adjustable hooded towel for dog

PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Multi-functional -
This dog bathrobe is suitable for a variety of purposes. It can be used after bathing, swimming, or wet walk as it allows your dog to feel warm and dry to avoid sickness.

Dog & cat grooming image
 PresentPet Snuggle Me Plush Cat Pillow Easy to Clean - Our hooded bath towel is super easy to clean. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried making it more convenient for you. This durable dog towel is designed to last for a long time. 

Dog playing in hooded bath towel

Size chart for hooded dog towel

Back length Sizes:
XS: 30cm, S: 40cm, M: 50cm, L: 60cm, XL: 75cm

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