LMVVC Dog Grooming Kit Low Noise, Pet Grooming Clippers 2.3L Vacuum Suction 99% Pet Hair with 5 Grooming Tools for Dog Cat Vacuum for Shedding Grooming (Grey & White)

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  • 🐶【2.3L Larger Dust Cup】➖ The larger jar storage capacity can reduce the number of times you dump your pet hair. This is fantastic because you can brush her inside without fur flying everywhere, instead it goes directly in the canister. It is also very simple to disassemble and clean.
  • 🐕【Instantly Capture 99% Hair】➖ One major reason you don’t want to groom your dogs yourself is the thought of all the hair mess you have to clean after. With this, there is basically only 1% cleaning and 99% of the hair goes in the vacuum, but it’s truly no exaggeration!
  • 🐈【Low Noise Decibel】➖ Your pet will like the pet grooming kit. It’s a lot quieter than you expected which is a plus, it doesn’t scare your dog or cat away. It is quieter than you hair dryer, not loud at all unless your pet is unhappy with any sound.
  • 🐇【5 in 1 Pet Grooming Kit】➖ Multiple, easy to use attachments, including a slicker brush, a comb, clippers and guards, a fabric brush, and a hose. The electrical cord is nice and long, hose itself is a decent length, clippers are powered by wire in the hose, brilliant.
  • 🔧【Warranty Policy】➖ The product is guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase, and it will be replaced free of charge if there is a quality problem within one year.
  • 📩【Fast After-Sales Service】➖Professional customer quick email replies to solve pre-purchase questions and after-sales questions for you.

Product Description

The pet gromming kit is absolutely a game-changer in my house!

You had bought various "pet" trimming kits in the past but none worked with your dog or cat - they couldn't get the hair into the trimming blades and were worthless. This is not a normal pet grooming kit with attachments for different functional, but the key to making it work is the vacuum - the suction pulls the hair into the blades so it's all cut perfectly - nothing is missed. The fact that all of the hair is placed into a container automatically!

The brush is awesome at you can easily getting the shedding the pet hair, press the button and the hair gets sucked in. In the hot summer or cold winter, you don’t need to bring your pets outside to brush the hair.

Clippers are powered by wire in the hose, brilliant. The clippers plow through dog’s dense coat without any difficulty and without hurting it.

With fine-tooth stainless steel bristles, the comb tool was fantastic at getting the under coat. Especially if you don't want hair all over the place. This really helps grooming them. This a quick and easy process with little clean up.

It has wire bristles and the vacuum will suck the hair brushed out into the canister, you can clean your clothes after cleaning the pet.

Maybe you haven’t been able to get some of the stubborn dog hair out of your couch and the attachment to this did it with ease! The cleaning attachments have helped keep your couch free from hair and dander.

Lubricating oil is often applied to the clipper blade. Make the razor on clipper is sharp and smooth, cuts like butter and doesn’t get stuck in mats.

Save some money by grooming her own dogs and cats

Due to 2022 inflation, maybe your groomer increased her prices already. Maybe you’re not an accomplished groomer & that’s ok. But the more you use this & understand how to trim your pet. You’ll love it & be well on your way to saving money & keeping your pets looking well groomed.

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