Pet car armrest seat

center console dog seat
  • Dogs love looking out the car window, but many little dogs are too short to see out. Now your small dog can enjoy the view safely and comfortably in our Lookout I booster dog car seat.

  • The Lookout elevated car seat is ideal for dogs who get carsick or anxious, as seeing out the window can calm anxiety and reduce queasiness. Even dogs who dislike car travel can learn to love it once they have their very own secure, comfortable spot to snooze in.

  • Seats are equipped with a safety lanyard, which can easily connect with the pet's collar, helping to keep the pet's stability.

  • The Lookout elevated dog car booster seat hooks into the seat belt system to keep it in the backseat, while the internal strap keeps your dog in the Lookout by attaching it to their harness. No more wandering the backseat or climbing up to the front while driving.

  • The Lookout is a safer alternative to holding your dog while driving or giving them free rein in the car, so everyone can enjoy the ride with peace of mind. For safety, use a dog harness, not a collar.


Product Info

  • Type: Travel Gear
  • Material: Linen, Cotton
  • Suitable for pets under 6 kg or 13 pounds
  • A safety leash is equipped on the side of the seat
  • Fits all types of armrest storage
  • Easy to install and disassemble 

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