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Personalized car interior decoration with creative diamond printing and electroplating. This lovely gift is a perfect way to make your car dashboards, bedrooms, houses, desks, or anywhere else look more stylish. The metal frame will help you keep your car diffuser in place before it even starts to function as a purifier.

This beautiful Cute Pet Car Decoration is made with a delicate, crystal-like material and beautiful electroplating paint which will add an elegant touch to your interior. It also includes an ABS electroplating coating to prevent stains and hold up well in any weather conditions. 

  • Perfect for your car decoration.
  • Suitable for collection, gift, and leisure purposes.
  • Best choice for Car dashboards, bedrooms, houses, desks,
  • The best gift you can think of, the perfect gift for any occasion


  • Material: crystal + ABS electroplating paint + metal
  • Category: Car Decoration
  • Function: beautify the car, purify the air in the car
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Style: Cartoon Dog
  • Shape: Bulldog
  • Size: height 11 cm * width 8.5 cm 
  • Color: silver, black, red
dog figurine
dog figurine
dog figurine

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