Multi-function pet Grooming Bath Bag Anti-Scratch Cleaning Shower Bag

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Are you still worrying about your cat on bathing, nail trimming? This Anti-Scratch Cleaning Shower Bag will solve your problem. The bag is not only useful for bathing kittens, but also for cutting nails, giving medicine, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, taking eye drops, giving injections or examinations. There are four drawstrings on each shower bag, which are respectively on the head, neck, middle and tail. By adjusting the length of the rope, your pet can easily access in or out the cat restraint bag.

This Puppy Polyester Bag not only prevents the cat from being oppressed but also protects you from being scratched by the cat. It uses soft polyester mesh, which is not only skin-friendly and breathable but also very strong so that it is resistant to scratches and bites. This bag will not make your pet feel uncomfortable, which helps them keep calm. Be sure to grab the best one at the earliest opportunity; don't miss it!

  • It is a perfect gift for your cat.
  • Adjustable drawstring suitable for cats in all sizes.
  • Front paw zipper for easy paw washing and nail trimming.
  • You can wash your cat at home using this shower bag, so you don't have to spend extra money at a pet salon.

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