Retractable Dog Leash

The Retractable Dog Bone Lead is a must-have essential for every dog walker! A simple click will activate the quick-release of the strong nylon lead to give your pooch more or less freedom whilst you are in complete control. Regardless of size, these retractable leads have been designed to hold back even the biggest of pups because as dog owners, we know that sometimes they can be a little naughty! Ergonomic anti-slip handle, made of durable high-quality material & super comfortable grip for longer walks.

Fashion Printed Puppy Leash is made from ABS plastic so that any accidental drops and knocks will not break the leash. All while enabling ease of use and a long-lasting lifespan!

When dogs are young and just starting out,Automatic Pull Rope Nylon Leash can be a real hassle trying to get them to do even the simplest of tasks and walking can be a whole new story altogether! So we have aided you with the retractable dog bone lead to getting them learning much quicker! Tangle-free, colorful, and fashion pattern design great for walking, jogging, running, camping and hiking, or out for a leisurely stroll backyard activities.


  • Pattern:Print
  • Feature:Quick release
  • Material: NYLON
  • Length :3 meters, 5 meters
  • Dog leash type: Extendable Straps

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