Retractable Dog Leash Ring with Led lighting

Featuring an innovative design with human and dog ergonomics in mind, the dog leash is robust and manages to achieve an ideal counterweight balance and feel. The ring design allows for both traditional handheld use or you can go totally hands-free by putting your arm through. This is useful when you need to do something momentarily with both hands or have an injury. It’s aesthetically appealing with a modern design along with practicality embedded into its clever design. The lights are USB rechargeable. 

  1. The traction rope can cope with 90kg force enough for any size of dog.
  2. 3-meter length lead in a non-tangle design
  3. You can hold the lead as usual or slip it over your wrist leaving your hands free.
  4. LED light has a 3-meter illumination to help you see in the dark
  5.  Side of the lead can also light up with 3 colors to choose from.
  6. Ergonomic design

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