Silicone Table And Chair Foot Cover Cute Claw Table And Chair Protective Cover

Product information:

Material: Silicone
Square large green [4 packs],
Square medium green [4 packs],
Square small green [4 packs],
Square large brown [4 packs],
Square medium brown [4 packs],
Square small brown [4 packs],
Round large green [4 packs],
Round medium green [4 packs],
Round small green [4 packs],
Round large brown [4 packs],
Round medium brown [4 packs],
Round small brown [4 packs]
Type/Use: Household and daily use

Size information:
Diameter: 35~46mm (suitable for larger beds, cabinets, sofas, etc.)
Diameter: 30~35mm (suitable for moderate dining tables, desks, coffee tables, etc.)
Diameter: 25~30mm (suitable for smaller chairs, small tables, dressing tables, etc.)

Packing list :

A set of silicone table and chair leg covers (4PCS)

Product picture:

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