Wall Hidden 4 Ways Lock Small Pet Flap Door

Give your cat freedom with this 4 Ways Lock Small Pet Flap Door. The door design allows your pet to enter and exit freely. At the same time, the closed-door can prevent the entry of other family members, and effectively isolate the odor and give your pet fresh air. You can place it in the laundry room, bedroom, pantry, basement, garage, etc. to create a private escape for your pet.

The Wall Hidden Cat Door will allow your cat to enter any interior room while giving you complete control. It is smooth and durable, so your pet won't be injured by the surface. With a soft push, you can open and close the door easily. Be sure to hurry up because the deal ends when the stock runs out!

  • Will stand the test of time.
  • A good door for small, medium or large cats.
  • This piece is beautiful and will look great in any interior.
  • Allows you to keep any area secure while still allowing limited access.

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