adjustable dog bowl stand - non slip and three adjustable heights

  • The shelf for this non-slip stainless steel dog bowl is built with ABS plastic material, rust-resistant and scratch-resistant, non-toxic and safe for your pet's daily feeding.
  • Elevated bowl rack design can improve your pet's digestion and help reduce neck muscle strain on your pet's neck and joints. Providing a healthy feeding life.
  • The four corners at the bottom of the bowl rack are equipped with silicone anti-slip mats to help prevent the shelf from slipping during your dog's eating.
  • Non-slip ring for the edge of the bowl to help hold the bowls securely, making your pet less worry about tipping and flipping and just enjoy their eating time!
  • Detachable design for the bowl and the shelf, helping easier refilling and cleaning. Dishwasher safe, save your time and effort.
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ADJUSTABLE DOG BOWL STAND at corner of the room

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