Adjustable Hands Free Dog Leash

If running is your passion, this hands-free pet leash is the perfect tool for you. You could go running with your pet without worrying about your dog getting too far ahead. 

  • Completely hands-free but keeping your dog safe.
  • Easy to adjust, put on and take off.
  • The waistband is comfortable and can be adjusted to waist size.
  • There is reflective stitching for your safety.

This is a retractable and adjustable sports suit. The traction rope can be stretched freely, the size of the belt can be adjusted, a waist bag and the sundries bag can be put on the mobile phone key, the kettle, the dog snack, etc. The trinity has many functions, and the four colors are optional so that you can enjoy the cute pet while running. Companionship.

Material: nylon
Size: length 144cm
Waist circumference: 78-110cm



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