Disabled Dog Support Walking Assist Harness Portable Belt Elastic

1. It provides older, injured or recovering dogs with comfortable access, assist pets with climbing stairs, walks outside or bathroom breaks.
2. The unique design of the rear-only harness lifts the hips and abdomen together instead of placing pressure in only one area.
3. Made from polyster material, which is soft, comfortable and durable.
4. Easy to clean: machine washable in mild detergent. There are S, M, L, XL, XXL size for different sized dogs.
5. Adjustable waist, enhance the comfort of pet wearing. Elastic mat in the handle, feel effortless to grip.


Color: blue, orange, black + orange (broken code)
Product category: chest strap
Scalable: Yes
Material: Polyester
Size : S,M,L,XL,XXL
Size Waist Rear Leg Circumference Lifting Rope Length
S 28-33/11.02-12.99 ≤16cm/6.3 30-60/11.8-23.6
M 35-40/13.78-15.75 ≤20cm/7.87 30-60/11.8-23.6
L 45-54/17.7-21.3 ≤27cm/10.6 30-60/11.8-23.6
XL 50-60/19.7-23.6 ≤30cm/11.8 30-55/11.8-21.7
XXL 65-77/25.6-30.3 ≤42cm/16.5 30-55/11.8-21.7

Package Content:
1 x Dog Assist Harness

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