Dog Grooming Hammocks

Our pet grooming hammocks make grooming and trimming nails easier. Made of waterproof fabric and polyester material, this hammock can be used as an entire party piece or as the perfect place to hang your pet in the air for trimming nails and cleaning eyes.

The flannel contact area is large, and the force area is large when the pet is hung, and it does not hurt. Our hammock can be hung from the top-down, or from the bottom up. The limbs are suspended in the air, making it easier and more convenient for dog grooming.

  • Grooming made easier
  • High-quality fabric
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Unique gift idea

Material: composite waterproof fabric + polyester material
Product Category: Fur Care
Specifications: blue M, blue + rose red M, gray M, blue L, blue + rose red L, gray L, blue M+ tool set, blue + rose red M+ tool set, gray M+ tool set, blue L+ Tool set, blue + rose red L + tool set, gray L + tool set

Package Content :

Pet Grooming Hammock*1

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