Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

If you have a busy dog that needs to be entertained while you're in the other room, or you are gone to work for the day, this interactive feeder is to try!  Dog get the food from the leakage holes by turning the slow feeder. This is an interactive feeder with a bowl that has plenty of ridges and slopes to help slow down the dog's eating speed so that your furry friend can properly chew (and digest) his food.  There’s also a height-adjustable rotating food dispenser that your dog has to learn how to turn and shift so that the food drops down into the bowl.  This is especially great for those dogs that are food motivated and bore easily!

    • Height 7.1-10.6inch(18-27cm), suitable for dog of different sizes, width 9.8inch/25cm.; non-slip design on bottom make sure the feeder stay stable. Very easy to clean once your pet has finished eating.

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