Door Cage Playpen Fence For Dog

Give your furry family a playing home with this Door Cage Playpen Fence. This playpen creates an independent playing region for most small pets like rabbits, cats, dogs and etc. The iron net can prevent animals from chewing and prevent small animals from escaping. The transparent feature of the net allows you to easily see your little pet from any angle and make it easy to interact with your pet.

This Playpen Fence For Dog provides your small pets plenty of room for playing or keeping active. You can ensure your lovely pets stay safe with this playpen. Your cute pet can freely enjoy and play in this playpen. The anti-slip pieces can prevent the product from sliding and scratching the ground. So, don’t be late to collect a suitable one for your pet dog.

  • Safe for your pet.
  • This fence is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.
  • The installation and disassembly are very simple.  
  • The iron net at the bottom can make the product strong and stable.


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