Flexible cold weather dog jacket

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Airyvest UNI is the most lightweight dog vest ever! It will protect your pup from cold, wind, rain, and snow without creating any additional load. Also, Airyvest UNI can stretch by 20%. And its double-sided, too! Airyvest UNI is the perfect stylish solution for chilly weather.


EXTREMELY STRETCHY The vest can stretch as much as 20%. WOW! No need to worry about precise measurements and that your still-growing puppy will grow out of the jacket.

EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT AiryVest weighs only 46 grams or 1.6 oz! As such, the jacket doesnt impose additional burden on the wearer, and your pet will be able to run and play for a long time without getting exhausted.
COMPACT FABRIC The jacket fits even in the smallest purse being light and soft, it is very easy to pack and carry around.
WATER-RESISTANT TEXTURE DWR treatment protects the fabric from getting wet " rain or snow.
WARMTH PRESERVATION Standing collar and a lengthened back reliably protect the entire body. The stretchy sheathing around the sleeves prevents heat loss.
ROBOTIC MANUFACTURING High-tech equipment sews each jacket with amazing precision. All seams manifest strong and top quality, with no hanging threads.
IMPECCABLE FIT Thanks to the proper body silhouette, the jacket always perfectly and stylishly fits the dog's figure.
DOUBLE-SIDED One jacket " two colors! You can alternate between inward and outward palette at will, choosing the best color to fit your mood and outfit!

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