Interactive dumbbell dog iq toys

  • This Transparent Dog Treat Toy adopts the transparent dumbbell design so your pets can see the inside food and stimulate your dog/cat to keep playing with this puzzle feeder. The rounded lids on both sides can be easily opened, making it easy to take out snacks.
  • Designed with Labyrinth blocking device, our dog feeder toy can greatly slow the eating speed. It can control the number of treats to benefit digestion, especially those who gobble up their treats too fast and become too fat. There is a food leakage hole at each end, and snacks will be exposed when your pets play and push the automatic dog feeder. The TPE soft rubber rolls silently and will not affect you. 
  • This dog IQ treating toy can bring lots of fun to your pets, help your pet control their weight, reduce many health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. More importantly, the pets Interactive toy could improve your pet's IQ, making it active and prevent it from anxiety behaviors such as loneliness, barking, and damaging the house. 

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