Interactive Squeaky Sound Puppy Toy

Make your pet healthy and happy with this Squeaky Sound Puppy Toy. Imagine your dogs staying at home alone all day when you go to work, it must be lonely. At this time, this toy will be their best friend. It will attract your dog's attention. Its bite-resistant body allows your dogs to chew as much as they like so you don't have to worry that your pets will bite the furniture when you are not at home.

This Interactive dog toy’s surface is designed with a raised texture to clean and promote healthy teeth. It is soft enough and will not hurt your lovely dog's teeth. Your pets can keep their teeth clean with this toy, and when they play with it, they gain more exercise to maintain weight and health. If you want to get it now, order before we run out!

  • Made of safe materials.
  • Durable and bite resistant.
  • It emits a sound when pets bite.
  • Suitable for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, big dog to play.

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