Kids Pet Dog-care Set With Pet Dog

A Fun and Educative Toy for Kids: This Pet Dog Care Set is designed to unleash your child's imagination and keep them entertained for hours on end. It also helps improve focus, stimulate imagination, and foster empathy. The perfect pretend play toy for boys and girls.

A Large and Multifunctional Kit: Once assembled, the Pet Dog Care Set measures 39.76 x 24.8 x 20.08 inches and is suitable for children's pretend play. This set is sure to keep your child occupied for extended periods of time.

A Great Gift for Ages 3 and Above: This Pet Dog Care Set is an excellent value for kids and makes a fantastic gift for any occasion, including parties, role play, holidays, Christmas, and more!

Safe and Child-Friendly Design: Our Pet Dog Care Set features smooth, rounded edges and is made of eco-friendly and child-safe plastic. It's easy to clean and maintain for your child's health and hygiene.

A Comprehensive Pet Dog Care Set: The set includes over 30 accessories, divided into four areas: rest, play, sleep, and dining. The accessories include a pet dog, baby bottle, thermometer, shampoo, shower gel, fork, spoon, comb, bowl, tray, bone, hair band, toy ball, hanger, soap, duck, faucet, bed, microwave oven, and more. With so many interactive elements and accessories, your child will never run out of ways to play and have fun. And with just the touch of a button, music will play!"


  • Product Size:101×63×51cm/39.76×24.8×20.08in.
  • Packing size:57x46x12cm/22.44×18.11×4.72in.

  • Package weight: 2550g/5.62lb
  • Material: plastic



    • It is recommended for children 3 years of age and older. If your child is under 3, please play with an adult

    • Random color of accessories


































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