Large Dog Interactive Toys With Elastic Rope Outdoor Throw Ball

Multifunctional pet throwing ball: This is an interactive pet toy with your dog. It contains the functions of an automatically stretchable ball, ring telescopic drawstring ball and molar ball ect., which can bring more fun to the dog.

In addition to simply curbing your dog's boredom, playing with toys can help eliminate other unwanted behaviors and provide comfort for your dog when left alone.

The right toys are also useful ways to help teach your dog new commands and games.


Product Name: Automatically shrink the hand toss the ball

Color: Dutch Orange/American Blue

Extension cord length: 1100mm automatic extension cord

Weight: 80G

Size: 63.5x62.5mm

(Length: 2.46in Width: 2.46in Hight: 2.5in)

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