Multifunction Super Soft Dog Bed

Give your pet its most relaxing slumber yet and get your hands on this adorable Multifunction Super Soft Dog Bed.

  • This circular pet cushion is made with high quality and plush cotton materials that makes this bed have superb quality and guarantees to give a comfy space for your pet to get snug on.
  • Features a unique open design with edge barriers that gives a semi-enclosed feel for your pet to settle in.
  • This pet bed is made of breathable materials for added quality and comfort for your best bud.


  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Weight: 100g - 600g
  • Material: Cotton

Size Info:

  • Diameter: 40cm / 15.8" (Suitable for 2.2 lb pets)
  • Diameter: 50cm / 19.7" (Suitable for 6.61 lb pets)
  • Diameter: 70cm / 27.6" (Suitable for 16.53 lb pets)
  • Diameter: 85cm / 35.43''(suitable for 33.07 lb pets)

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