Pet Screen Door with Magnetic Flap

This pet screen door is suitable for small dogs and cats or other small animals. Please measure the size of your pet and compare it to the size of the door prior to purchase.
【Upgrade 4 Slid Locks】: There are two sliding locks on the bottom and two on each side. Four sliding locks help you lock the dog/cat door more securely, making sure your pet won't wander off or get lost when you're not home, so you can go out with confidence.
【Magnetic Flap & Auto-Closing】: This dog/cat door comes with magnetic flap. The door panel will automatically close after they pass through the door. So your pets can come and go as they please and enjoy their personal passageway.
【Sturdy & Durable】:Made of ultrahard ABS material. The sturdy screws hold the screen door securely in place, so it won't fall apart easily. This pet screen door is very sturdy and durable, so don't worry about the short lifespan, it will last for a long time. It is ideal for your pet.
【Ultra Dense & Smooth Screen】: The screen on the pet door is made of high quality nylon mesh material with a smooth and resilient surface. Protect your pet's paws without worrying about them getting scratched.

How to use

1 Remove your screen door and lay it down on a flat ,hard surface.

2 Align pins and hold tightly into the frames. Snap them by tapping or with a hammer whichever would make it totally together. Tighten the Screws.

3 Using a knife ,cut off the screen follow the dog door.

4 Bend the inner door ,and put it in.

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