Pet Dog Cleaning Chew Toys For Aggressive Dogs Rubber Molar Stick Dog Oral Teeth


  • The serrated teeth on this product effectively cleans your dog's teeth, making it ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, even the feistiest of breeds.
  • The built-in voice feature attracts your dog's attention and increases their interest in play, making brushing their teeth more enjoyable.
  • With the ability to thoroughly clean all of your pet's teeth in just one minute, this toy promotes good dental health.
  • For even better results, you can apply toothpaste or treats to the outside of the tooth channel while your pet is brushing.
  • Regular play with this toy can help relieve anxiety and improve your dog's IQ. It also keeps them occupied and prevents destructive behavior while they're at home. Brushing their teeth becomes a fun and interactive experience for both you and your furry friend.

Product categories: chew toys
Weight: 167 g
Dimensions: 18*7.8*8cm
Color: blue
Applicable to: small medium sized dogs
Suitable type of pet toys: small, medium and large dogs, not suitable for super large dogs

Dog tooth brush*1

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