Shedding And Dematting Rake Comb For Dogs and Cats

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Groom your pet and get rid of loose fur, dust, and dead hair with this Pet Hair Remover Brush. It features dual-sided teeth that will cut through messy coats, knots, tough mats, and tangles easily and efficiently. You can use the 9 teeth side to remove mats and tangles while the 17 teeth side is best for thinning and shedding. It is the best pet hair remover brush for dogs and cats.

This Shedding & Dematting Comb for Dogs & Cats has sharp teeth with no-scratch rounded ends that prevent hair pulling and make detangling safe for even pets with sensitive skin. It boasts of an ergonomic anti-slip design that makes it very comfortable to use, clean, and disinfect. The blades are made of anti-rust stainless steel that offers long-lasting use. Order this Pet Fur Knot Cutter now to give your dog or cat a healthy, shiny, and smooth coat.  


  • Double-sided teeth for dematting, shedding, and dirt.
  • Sharp teeth with rounded ends that makes it safe for your dogs or cats
  • Ergonomic design - comfortable to use and easy to clean
  • Perfect for grooming and undercoat rake
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats.



Shedding And Dematting Rake Comb For Dogs

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