Dog Flying Discs interactive dog Toys

Enjoy the game with your pet with this Funny Silicone Dog Flying Discs. They are made of thermoplastic rubber, safe and non-toxic, pet super-tough Frisbee toy. Dog's teeth grow very quickly so they always like to hold something in the mouth. The pet Frisbee is very strong you do not worry about the quality it can support most dog's bite force. It releases the pressure of the dog and gives him different outdoor fun.

  • SAFE AND HARMLESS: The tug of war dog toy is made of TPR: a Food Grade, Non-toxic, material that helps protect your dog’s gums!
  • NO MORE DAMAGED FURNITURE: The suction dog toy is designed to keep your dog active and healthy and away from damaging your furniture!
  • CLEANS DOG’S TEETH: The dog tug of war toy also works as a teeth cleaning toy! It is safe for the gums and helps keep the dog’s teeth clean and the breath smelling fresh!
  • STICKS TO ANY CLEAN SURFACE: The tug toy is designed to stick to any type of clean floor: all types of tile, glass, linoleum, wood flooring. Highly elastic and durable,your doggo can pull and tug, but will not lose grip!
  • PERFECT FOR WHEN THE HUMAN IS AT WORK: The suction cup ball is an interactive toy that helps you stay focused at work and get your social life back! It is designed to encourage an active lifestyle for your dog without needing your full attention!

Over the past month we have had a very large demand. Due to this high demand please allow a total of 2-4 weeks for this product to arrive at your door.

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