Smart Dog & cat bowl feeder with built in scale non-skid

This  Smart pet Bowl features a built-in Digital Scale which tracks the weight of food in pounds, grams, and ounces. The built in digital scale helps keep your pet slim and trim. 

 The bowl features an anti-microbial outer shell that helps prevent the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Additionally, this dog bowl features four skid proof rubberized grips at the bottom of the bowl for better gripping.

This dog bowl bowl also features an Anti-Microbial outer shell which automatically helps eliminate a large majority of bad germs found in all Cat and Dog foods.

Ergonomically contoured tilted inclination design so your pets have better access to their food. This pet bowl is entirely waterproof and is recommended to solely be washed under the sink or running water and dried with a towel.

Not dishwasher safe

1. Capacity: 450ml.
2. Max Weighing: 2000g.
3. Size: 18cm*18cm*6cm.
4. Battery: Use 2*AAA (Not included).

5. Screen: 4-Digits LCD screen.

6.Washable by hand.



1.You also can download the APP "PETKIT" for more scientific and healthy feeding solutions.
2.It needs you fill in the dog's age, weight, dog breed and food brand
3.Then you can get a tailor-made daily feed method, to help your dog's meal become more and more scientific and healthy.

Size information

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Authorized and Safer

Certified by several international standards,such as RoHS,CE,FCC and USA and Korea FDA(for BioCleanAct material).We do the best to keep your loved pets safe and healthy.

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1.Used BioCleanAct,Anti-Bacteria

BiocleanAct is is a new anti-bacterial material,which can effectively inhibit bacteria growth .


The exterior screen with special protection, buttons located inside, sealed battery box and drainage hole as honeycomb at the bottom, all these make it possible to be washed by hand.

3.Accurate Weighing

With your pet's basic info: weight,food,age,breed, you will get customized daily feeding amount via PETKIT app, which brings more health to your pet.

4.Anti-overflow and Best angle Of lnclination

The U-shape design makes the food not easy to overflow when being poured. The rim of the bowl is being inclined for 5 degree to make eating more easy and simple

When first time used:

1. Keep the four corners flat when using to ensure uniform force;
2. After turning on the machine and placing it flat, press the power button to clear it once, then you can pour the pet food;
3. Press and hold the key for 3 seconds to switch the weighing unit (g/lb/ml/oz);
4. When cleaning, pay attention to control the water temperature below 50 °C;
5. Download "PETKIT" APP, enter the pet basic information, and get a scientific feeding plan;
6. The device will automatically shut down when the weighing function is not used for a long time.


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