Indoor Dog potty training

Potty training your little fur buddy can be quite tricky but with the help of our Portable  Double Layer Pet Toilet, it might just be less stressful!

  • This Indoor Dog potty training with  Double Layer Pet Toilet has parts that can be disassembled making it easy to clean.
  • It features a mesh bottom pad that retains its clean and sleek look even when it in use as it helps in collecting and storing dog piss at the bottom comportment.
  • This Portable Pet Toilet is built with a small column post for your dog's nature to do its number on a wall or post.


  • Material: PP

Size Info:

  • M: 44 x 39 x 17cm / 17.32 x 15.35 x 6.69", suitable for below 4kg/9 pounds dog
  • L: 53 x 46 x 20cm / 20.86 x 18.11 x 7.87", suitable for below 8kg/18 pounds dog



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