Dog Carrier Car Seat

Traveling in style!

We understand that your pet's safety is the utmost priority when traveling in a vehicle. Considering the fact cars are not designed for pets to travel safely, it is important that you are utilizing the proper tools to keep your pet safe on your trips! Our Canine carrier Dog seat is designed with your pet's safety in mind. You will find the seatbelt strap loops, elevated suspension mechanism, integrated leash tether and mesh canopy all come together to deliver the safest ride for your dog or cat all while traveling in comfort and style! 

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The Canine Carriers Features and Benefits:

  • Seat Belt loops and straps to safely secure to your car seats
  • Built-in leash tether to ensure your pet is safely fastened while in the booster seat 
  • Carrier comfortably fits small to medium-sized dogs
  • Booster strap to elevate your pet while riding 
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying and transportation
  • Side zipper and velcro pockets for accessories and treats!
  • Open top and front mesh windows for maximum viewing and ventilation 
  • Booster seat fully zips open to allow your pet to have full range while the vehicle is not moving for maximum comfort


Material:PvcOxford Cloth, Sponge
45*35*25 cm/15.7*13.8*10inch(L X W X H)G.W: Approx 0.65 kg /1.43 LB
Black, light gray, red, pink, blue



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