Ultrasonic Dog Training Repeller

  • We designed this ultrasonic anti-barking device to provide you with a simple way make your pet to stop barking, make their training easier, prevent bad behavior, and control dog barking without causing any discomfort
  • SILENT & SAFE TO USE: Our training clicker for dogs uses ultrasonic waves to help you train your pet while also being gentle and safe to use.The dog training clicker’s voice is inaudible to humans and tuned specifically for dogs 
  • PET TRAINING MADE EASY: Besides preventing dog barking, our handheld anti-barking device gives you more control over your pet while training! It’s perfect for stopping dogs from chewing and gnawing by building up conditioned reflexes to help make them more obedient
  • Thanks to the lightweight and ergonomic design, you can take our doggy training clicker with you wherever you go. It’s ideal for both indoors and outdoors use and also acts as a repellent to help keep dogs away and features a bright LED flashlight for on the go use
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST DOGS: Our dog barking control devices are suitable for most dogs that are 6 months old and up. It’s suitable for most dog breeds and allows you to adjust the ultrasonic frequency to match the size and age of the dog for a safe use

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